November 2017

Added a recent Comment paper published in Geophysics to the list of Publications.

Added a discussion of a paper by Cooper et al in the CSEG Recorder of September 2017.

July 2016: Brick geometry revisited

Brick geometry was quite popular in the early days of land 3D seismic data, especially because of its small Largest Minimum Offset (LMOS) as compared to orthogonal geometry with continuously sampled shot lines. Narrow brick geometry also had a better stack response than narrow orthogonal. Slanted geometry has a similar LMOS advantage and does not suffer from discontinuously sampled shot lines.
Brick geometry revisited – with a slant” makes a comparison of orthogonal, slanted and brick geometry with equivalent parameters (same station intervals, same line intervals and same maximum offsets).
This paper is a useful read for every geophysicist who wants to get a better understanding of spatial continuity and its effect on imaging. It also shows how arranging shot lines differently can lead to different LMOS.

March 2016

This website was changed to some extent. More importantly: A new online version of the Survey Design Wizard (formerly called Acquisition Design Wizard) is now available.