Vermeer4Gijs Vermeer (1940) received an MSc in Applied Mathematics from the Technological University of Delft (TUD) in 1965. After military service he joined Shell Research where he carried out seismic processing research, followed by eight years of seismic processing in Shell Expro (London) and NAM (The Netherlands). After another seven years in research, now on seismic interpretation, Gijs joined Shell Canada in 1988, where he was involved in stratigraphic interpretation of carbonate reefs. In 1991 he went back to Shell Research, this time to work on seismic data acquisition techniques.

In February 1997 he started 3DSymSam – Geophysical Advice, a company specialized in 3D survey design and analysis. He is the author of ”Seismic Wavefield Sampling” published in 1990 by the SEG in its Geophysical Reference Series. He also authored a number of papers on 3D symmetric sampling and related subjects. His main interests are seismic data acquisition and seismic data processing, and their interrelationships. February 2001 he obtained a PhD at Delft University of Technology with a dissertation titled “Fundamentals of 3-D seismic survey design”. A commercial version of this thesis was published in October 2002 as “3-D seismic survey design” by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. The second edition of that book was published in November 2012. In 2022 Gijs received the Desiderius Erasmus Award and Honorary Membership of the EAGE. The citation starts with “Gijs J. O. Vermeer is a modest geophysicist whose influence on the design of seismic surveys has been outstanding for over three decades.” He is a member of EAGE, SEG, and CSEG.

On the home front, Gijs is married with four children, Willem, Jaap, Annemieke and Myanneke. His wife Tini is a retired trainer in Dutch for newcomers. Willem is a graduate in Applied Mathematics from TUD. He runs ”Wilpower”, an e-business consultancy and implementation company. Willem is married to Saskia Ooms, also a graduate in Applied Mathematics from TUD. They have three children: Bert, Koos, and Annalena. Saskia is Scrum Master with Snappet. Jaap is a graduate in Applied Physics at TUD. He moved to Chile in 2000. He is Services Director at Kranio. Jaap is married to Constanza Gutiérrez, who is a teacher of yoga and a practicing acupuncturist. Their son Alex was born in 2007 and their daughter Anouk in 2011. In 1998 Annemieke graduated in French at the University of Amsterdam; currently she is a freelancer as Author, Editor and Manuscript Advisor (see Magenta). In 2007 Annemieke tied the knot with Roel Ebus, a graduate of the Technological University of Eindhoven. He is Organizational Development Manager Manager with ExxonMobil. Their daughters Lieke and Aafke were born in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Myanneke is now Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. She is married to Dennis den Hertog who is Program Manager at Shell.