Book supplements



Because the existing index is not entirely satisfactory, a revised and expanded version can now be downloaded here.


While going through the whole book for the revision of the index many potential improvements to the text were encountered. The result is listed in new Errata.

While working on “Brick geometry revisited” (see below), Figures 7.9 and 10.18 of the book were corrected.

Infill shooting

Some relevant developments in infill shooting can be found in Infill shooting.

Ghost removal from conventional marine streamers

Under favorable circumstances it is now possible to apply deghosting to data acquired with conventional streamers.

NMO stretch in survey design and processing

A better formula for NMO stretch takes the variation of Vrms with zero-offset time into account and leads to a better estimate of the mute offset for a given NMO stretch factor.

Brick geometry revisited – with a slant

This paper corrects a 20-year old mistake in LMOS of brick geometry and it compares orthogonal, brick and slanted geometry.